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Lawcodes Database Help


What is Lawcodes?

The Lawcodes project aims to facilitate the electronic exchange of information between justice agencies by creating and maintaining a database of unique codes to describe offences. This ensures that information remains consistent as it moves through and between different agencies.

How do I use search in Lawcodes?

Home Search

This search retrieves complete Acts or regulations by name. The selected options shown above will retrieve all current New South Wales Acts which contain offences. Clicking on a linked letter will bring back a list of all Acts that match the search criteria and start with the selected letter.

Quick Search

On the top left hand corner of the home page of Lawcodes is a search facility.
This provides the ability to do a quick search for the main data items in lawcodes Act/Regulation (Body of Law), Law Parts and Amending Body of Law (Amending Bol). For each type of search different fields are available. As shown below for a quick search of Law Part you can choose to search on Law Part Code, Short Description, Prescribed Text, or an attached SDRO/IPB Code.

Some Search Examples

Law Part Code Search (Default Search Option)

You know the law part code (eg 56500) and wish to know what Act and section number it relates to.

This is the simplest type of search that can be performed in the Lawcodes database. Simply select Law Part in the Search Type drop down, then select Code from the Search Field drop down and finally enter the law part code into the Search Data field and then click the Search button.
As shown above a search for Law Part Code 56050 is then performed. If the code is a valid code the matching law part will retrieved and displayed in the main window below.
To view further information such as the Act and Section number click the “Back To Law” link. As you can see below this law part corresponds to section 200(a) of the Crimes Act 1900.

Law Part Short Description Search

You wish to find the law part code that corresponds to an offence involving destroying property with explosives.

Leave the "Search Type" as "Law Part", change the "Search Field" value to "Short Description", type the word "property" in the "Search Data" field, click on the Search button.
This search returns 789 offences, refine the search by adding the word "explosive" in the "Search Data" field and click the Search button.
This narrows the results down to 12 and the relevant law part code 56050 can be selected simply by clicking on the link.

NOTE: Generally when entering a word in the Search Data field it is sufficient to enter the first few letters of the word. For example, entering the letters "psych" will return "psychologist", "psychotherapist", "psychotropic" etc. Of course if you are only interested in receiving results regarding "psychotherapists" then the whole word should be entered.

Law Part SDRO/IPB Code Search

You know the SDRO/IPB (eg 265) code and wish to find the corresponding law part code.

In the Search Field change the value to "SDRO/IPB Code", in the Search Data field type in the 0265 (Note: SDRO/IPB codes must be at least 4 digits long), click the Search button. In this instance of searching SDRO/IPB code 0265 corresponds to an offence of "Driver of vehicle fail to comply with direction" and is attached to only a single Law Part having code 38530. Whereas searching for SDRO/IPB code 0100 returns two Law Parts that have the SDRO/IPB code attached.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact the Lawcodes Manager via email or phone:
Email: lawcodes@judcom.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (+61) 2 9299 4421

How do I use Lawcodes in JusticeLink?

To understand more about how Lawcodes relates to JusticeLink please read the following pdf document. ( Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this document )

 Lawcodes Justicelink Information.pdf

How do I use Lawcodes in Indictments?

To understand more about how Lawcodes applies to Indictments please read the following pdf document. ( Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this document )

 Lawcodes Indictment Information.pdf